Even from a distance it’s hard to miss the bright color; there is no doubt about what the NL+ store is: the nicest selection of Dutch souvenirs with a heavy dose of soccer and sports. Orange fever is an everyday occurrence at the NL+ store. You can discover one in each of the lounges at Schiphol. Against the rear wall of one of the stores the plus symbols escape from the logo, as a reference to the windmills in the Dutch landscape. It gives the interior a cheerful dynamic. A beautiful wall covered top to bottom with Delft blue plates stands out behind the checkout counter at another shop. But the real eye catcher in the shops is a life-size statue of a cow, from the Cow Parade which have all been hand painted by different artists. They are available in miniature form in many artistic and downright silly variations. There is also a special corner for items dedicated to the soccer team from Amsterdam, Ajax and a wide selection of trendy baseball caps. They represent the + in the range of NL + products.