Let's Play!

A cute little bunny? Not quite. Because the version of “miffy” in Lounge 3 almost taps the ceiling and is easily three meters tall. The ceiling features a deep dark blue sky covered with luminous stars, sure to inspire endless childhood dreams. Smart dads who want to make a big impression at home can quickly pick up a nice gift for their kids here while passing through on a business trip. Those who may come upon themselves in unfamiliar territory will be assisted by the knowledgeable and friendly staff. They know exactly what makes a four year old toddler happy, or what absolutely not to get a ten year old girl. The wide range of toys only consists of top of the line brands such as Barbie, Lego and Playmobil and not to forget the “larger than life” children’s book character “miffy”, the Dutch Design bunny for children that is also quite popular with adults and in turn has become a worldwide icon.